September 9, 1996

Doctors are struggling to control drug-resistant bacteria 4041

Doctors are struggling to control drug-resistant bacteria

Medical staff and visitors entering the area wear gloves and full-length gowns. When leave, they take off the protective clothing for washing, and scrub their hands carefully. The reason for the precautions last week on the fifth floor of Saskatoon’s St. Paul’s Hospital:
A feud at the Red Cross 1213

A feud at the Red Cross

The photo display, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Red Cross Society, speaks volumes about the proud past of a venerable national institution. Located in the society’s downtown Toronto Blood Centre, it is a tribute to the thousands of ordinary Canadians who have given the “gift of life,” and to the celebrities— from former prime minister John Diefenbaker to American jazz legend Louis Armstrong—who have supported the society over the years.
Spoiling the fun 2021

Spoiling the fun

A sex scandal casts a shadow over Clinton's campaign kickoff
Hazardous substance 2829

Hazardous substance

"I don’t understand. Is this a loaded question?” The line of query had not been terribly abstract. Did Robert Friedland, the Canadian mining industry’s man of the year, see a dotted-line connection between a chief executive officer of a mining company and the on-theground operations of a corporate mine site—that is between himself as the erstwhile CEO of Vancouver-based Galactic Resources Ltd.
The hunt for long-lost funds 3637
Personal Finance

The hunt for long-lost funds

How to track down money in old bank accounts
A passion for art at the cutting edge 5051

A passion for art at the cutting edge

It could almost be mistaken for a giant theme-park figure. But Tomato Head is, in fact, a piece of sculpture—a very cheeky one, at that. Measuring seven feet in height, the fibreglass-and-rubber work by California artist Paul McCarthy is an adult version of Mr. Potato Head.
The Mail 44a
The Mail

The Mail

As a graduate student, educator, and one who works in the information technologies field, I read with great interest your Aug. 26 cover story, “Surfing back to school.” The article nicely summarized the disagreements between two sides of the educational technology debate.
That sinking feeling 1617

That sinking feeling

Salvagers fail to raise a piece of the fabled Titanic
Fidel Castro's special Canadian friend 3839
The Nation’s Business

Fidel Castro's special Canadian friend

While the entire Western world is having a nervous breakdown over the U.S. Helms-Burton trading-with-the-enemy act, a former Doukhobor from the Kootenays is busy building 11 hotels in Cuba, exploring two significant gold-silver mines on the forbidden island, entertaining Fidel Castro in Canada— and enjoying every minute of it.
Canada NOTES 1819

Canada NOTES

Heritage Minister Sheila Copps defended her campaign to give Canadians free national flags—an effort that, because of its popularity, is expected to cost $20 million. The plan to distribute one million flags was announced on Feb. 15, the 31st anniversary of the introduction of the Maple Leaf, when Ottawa decided to promote Flag Day.
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