November 11, 1996

The Prince of Papers 5657

The Prince of Papers

He styles himself as the savior of papers, but critics label Conrad Black an editorial storm trooper
The Mail 67

The Mail

I identified strongly with your cover story (“Cashing out,” Oct. 28). Seven years ago, I reduced my teaching load, choosing to work part time. Like many individuals in your article, a seemingly isolated event spurred me to make this change: I discovered that my then-seven-year-old daughter was unable to read.
Nazis, gold—and justice 3233

Nazis, gold—and justice

Swiss banks confront their past
Magical megabucks tour 8081

Magical megabucks tour

This will be the most lucrative Beatles year yet
Back to the Bible's beginning 6869

Back to the Bible's beginning

A pious Bible reader, pondering the story of Noah and the flood, might excuse God’s desire to punish a sinful world. But not Karen Armstrong. In her provocative new book—which takes its title, In the Beginning, from the first three words of Genesis—the former Roman Catholic nun condemns God’s “monstrous” destruction of the human race.
A troubled watch 6465

A troubled watch

Prison guards confront the demons
The credibility gap 2223

The credibility gap

Glen Clark lashes back at his critics
Waiting for Crash 7273

Waiting for Crash

Is Ted Turner playing film censor?
Souping up the Bard 7474a

Souping up the Bard

Shakespeare is Hollywood’s latest hot ticket
Counterculture forever 9495

Counterculture forever

As he rides a new wave of popularity, Allen Ginsberg still rails against the right
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