December 23, 1996


Did Chrétien lie?


'A passion to rectify things'


Nation in fear

Did Chrétien lie? 1617

Did Chrétien lie?

The Prime Minister comes under attack from all sides
'A passion to rectify things' 1819

'A passion to rectify things'

In October, 1993, Tory Kim Campbell’s federal government assigned a lanky, stoop-shouldered Ontario appellate court judge to investigate what he said “could be a matter of life and death.” This week, after almost three years of hearings punctuated by anger, bitterness, anguish and recrimination, 67-year-old Horace Krever finally adjourned his inquiry into the nation’s tainted-blood scandal.
Nation in fear 2829

Nation in fear

Criminals terrorize foreign businessmen
A question of trust 2627

A question of trust

Draped in red, and with a five-starred seal of China overlooking rows of white-skirted desks, the vast Hong Kong Convention Centre last week evoked the stifling formality of a Beijing committee room. Which, in a way, is exactly what it was.
Boobs on the tube 7677

Boobs on the tube

How SCTV’s inspired lunacy changed comedy
From rag to riches 7071

From rag to riches

Drabinsky builds a musical from the ground up
Opening Notes 1415
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

The birth of Justin Trudeau 25 years ago— on Christmas Day, no less—was one of Canada’s most anticipated events. Photos of mother Margaret, the beautiful 23-year-old wife of then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, with her little bundle graced the front pages of every newspaper in the country.
The spending spirit 3435

The spending spirit

It’s make-or-break time at “Canada’s Family Clothing Store.” In a Thunder Bay, Ont., branch of Saan Stores Ltd., green garlands, snowflakes and bells hang from the ceiling, traditional Yuletide tunes waft through the air, and one clerk is wearing a jaunty Santa cap.
Yes, Virginia, they can make a good movie 1213
Another View

Yes, Virginia, they can make a good movie

The entertainment industry needs to realize that people will boycott the screens, big and little, when the usual goo is on
Thumbs down to Izzy Asper's national dream 4041
The Nation’s Business

Thumbs down to Izzy Asper's national dream

The CRTC has deprived Canadians of an alternative and could destroy the TV production industry
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