June 2, 1997

Gunning for chréetien 1617

Gunning for chréetien

The opposition parties anraking a final run at bringing down the Liberals
The Island's new link 3031

The Island's new link

Confederation Bridge still inflames passions
At last, the Main Event 6869

At last, the Main Event

The Sunday afternoon flight from Toronto to Houston is just about to pull away from the gate when Donovan Bailey hurries aboard. He avoids eye contact with other passengers and keeps his sunglasses on until he slips into a seat in Row A. It is a typical celebrity ploy— by sitting up front and arriving after everyone else is seated, Bailey hopes to prevent the flight from turning into a threehour autograph session.
The New Realism 2627

The New Realism

Most voters say unemployment is beyond Ottawa's control
On the road again 6263
On the road again

On the road again

A columnist goes in search of his father's legacy
Trail Mix


THE POLICY: With the exception of the separatist Bloc Québécois, the major parties have policies that would alter the balance of responsibilities between Ottawa and the provinces. The Liberals would recognize Quebec as a distinct society—and allow regions to veto constitutional changes that affect them.
No Holds Barred 2425

No Holds Barred

Although she has decidedly firm views on the issues, Ruth Litowski remains, in the dry parlance of pollsters, officially undecided. So when Burlington Liberal MP Paddy Torsney appeared at her doorstep last week, Litowski confronted her with a litany of concerns.
Publish or perish 4445

Publish or perish

Canada's magazine industry faces an uncertain future
A high flyer's disgrace 3839

A high flyer's disgrace

Critics question the U.S. military's mies about sex
So long, and thanks 7677

So long, and thanks

Peter Gzowski hangs up his headphones
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