July 14, 1997

Bitter to the end 1213

Bitter to the end

The Somalia inquiry takes its best shot and Ottawa fires back
Foever Young 4445

Foever Young

Can hormones really stave off old age?
The Mail 44a
The Mail

The Mail

I am having lunch at my desk and reading about a truly remarkable young woman, Judith Anderson, and it’s bringing a tear to my eye (“100 Canadians to watch,” Cover, July 1). What strength, what spirit! The world is so much better off for having her in it.
Close-ups of life 5051

Close-ups of life

Scientists gain new insight into how people grow old
How big is too big? 2627

How big is too big?

NATO leaders argue over a controversial expansion plan
Getting down to business 2829

Getting down to business

In the wake of the handover, the new leader faces tough decisions
The faces of Somalia 1819

The faces of Somalia

Few of the players have emerged unscathed by the scandal
Green dreams 3435

Green dreams

Chain ownership promises to shake up Canada's golf courses
Opening Notes 1011
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

It was, all concerned agreed, utterly disgusting that Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ears during their heavyweight bout in Las Vegas on June 28. Tyson claimed at first that he was “provoked,” to do something both stupid and vicious. Earlier examples: • In 1909, Detroit Tigers outfielder Ty Cobb slashed the arm of Philadelphia’s third baseman, Frank Baker, with his spiked shoes.
The altar of doom 3031

The altar of doom

A Calgary archeologist escapes a jungle attack
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