August 3, 1998




Breaking barriers


Trouble on the border

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DIED: Former Liberal senator, broadcaster and author Florence Bird, 90; of cancer, in Ottawa. After a 25-year career as a CBC Radio political commentator, Bird was named head of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in 1967. Its 1970 recommendations included easier access to abortions and day care.
Breaking barriers 2223

Breaking barriers

A living legend inspires Nova Scotia blacks
Trouble on the border 3031

Trouble on the border

Americans say good neighbors need better fences
Canada NOTES 2829

Canada NOTES

Ottawa announced it will spend $46.8 million over the next three years to prosecute and deport suspected war criminals involved in the Second World War and modern-day conflicts. Of that, $11 million will go towards the start of deportation proceedings in more than a dozen new Second World War cases.
Straight shooter 5253

Straight shooter

It’s Friday night at the Javelina Cantina, a Tex-Mex saloon in Tucson, Ariz., and the standing-room-only crowd is ringing in the weekend with pitchers of beer and all-you-can-eat fajitas. Fresh off the golf course, Nancy Lopez and Lorie Kane fit right in.
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

I was pleased to see the controversy about sport utility vehicles/light trucks brought to the fore in your magazine (“Big wheels,” Cover, July 20). I only hope that North American society takes appropriate steps to rectify the problem. Simply joining the sport utility vehicle crowd for safety is not the solution.
The great paper swap 3839

The great paper swap

The principal business of Southam Inc. is delivering news to the public, but that commitment does not necessarily extend to the company’s own operations. After Conrad Black, chief executive officer of Southam, announced plans last March to launch a national newspaper this fall, key details—including such basics as its name and design—were kept secret even from staff members.
Of mice and men 4647

Of mice and men

After rodents, are human clones next?
The New North 1415

The New North

A younger generation remakes the map of the Canadian Arctic
Birth of a powerhouse 5657

Birth of a powerhouse

They stopped short of calling him crazy— around the glitzy Toronto offices of Alliance Communications Corp., you don’t call Robert Lantos that and expect to get away with it. But when the board of directors found out last spring that Lantos was negotiating a merger with Atlantis Communications Inc., longtime No. 2 in the production industry, with a view towards stepping down as chairman and CEO, some of them suggested that it was just a phase he was going through.
The diminishing dollar 2425

The diminishing dollar

Canadians cope with the freefalling loonie
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Police in Northern Ireland arrested a 23-year-old salesman, Thomas Gilmour, for the arson attack that killed three young Catholic brothers last month. Jason, Mark and Richard Quinn burned to death in their beds when gasoline bombs were thrown into their home in a predominantly Protestant public housing complex in Ballymoney.
The conflicts of journalists 1011

The conflicts of journalists

Journalism is not a profession. It has no universal code of conduct, or specific requirements. The time has come.
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