December 6, 1999

Eye of the Hurricane 6667
Special Report

Eye of the Hurricane

Norman Jewison tells the epic story of the Canadian miracle that saved Rubin Carter


In the age of in vitro fertilization does the state have a place in the test tubes of the nation?
For Infertile Couples, Heartache and Hope 5859

For Infertile Couples, Heartache and Hope

Despite the discomforts and the long odds, would-be parents turn to doctors and donors to deliver what nature could not
Manager to the Stars 4243

Manager to the Stars

Winnipeg’s Marty Weinberg not only gets athletes and actors the money, he makes it grow
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

In the very short time since he retired from hockey, where he was known as the Great One for the many records he holds as a super hockey player, Wayne Gretzky is seemingly on a supersonic pace to set new records in the commercial world of advertising (“Wayne’s new world,” Cover, Nov. 22).
A stain that will not fade 2627

A stain that will not fade

When Marc Lépine massacred 14 women, he shook a nation and sparked an anti-gun crusade
Ottawa butts up against Big Tobacco 2021

Ottawa butts up against Big Tobacco

The government aims a new campaign at teen smoking
The Scrapper's Fight 1819

The Scrapper's Fight

A fired-up Chrétien weighs in on referendum rules and sets his critics howling
Straight Shooter 3435

Straight Shooter

Throughout Northern Ireland's tortuous peace process, Canada's John de Chastelain has won respect from all sides
Up, up and away 4647

Up, up and away

Investors, giddy with profits, have nicknamed it the Nortel Index. Last week, the Toronto Stock Exchange 300 composite index closed at 7,890, nearly 70 points above the record high it set back in April, 1998. Fuelling that resurgence are dozens of high-tech companies, notably Canada’s largest, Nortel Networks Corp.
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