January 1, 2000

Our little millennium project 45
From the Editor

Our little millennium project

In the last five months of the 20th century, I had the good fortune to spend time in several provinces, from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia, talking with Canadians from all walks of life. In contrast to so much of the agenda in the national media, what you see out on the land is a country brimming with energy, ideas—and, yes, patriotism.
Those Were the Days 110111

Those Were the Days

The century offered history and events that touched the soul
We Were There 128129

We Were There

Eyewitnesses recount Canadian milestones
Canada at War 152153

Canada at War

A century of global conflict
Soaring to Excellence 188189

Soaring to Excellence

Men and women who made a difference
Forging a New Country 172173

Forging a New Country

They came from all over the globe
Into the Fire 8889
The Activists

Into the Fire

No grumbling from the sidelines with this group —they are doers who jump in with both feet. Look among their ranks for the leaders of tomorrow.
Giving It Their All 3233
The Artists

Giving It Their All

From drama to painting, from crooners to opera stars, a young generation finds the deep end of the talent pool
Making a Difference 5455
The Givers

Making a Difference

Forget the stereotypes about callous youth. These hardworking, devoted volunteers touch lives and make the world a safer, saner place.
Minds that Matter 7879
The Thinkers

Minds that Matter

They push the boundaries of the known in worlds that are as small as molecular scraps—or as far away as the edge of the solar system
Going For It 6667
The Risk-takers

Going For It

If they believe in an idea, they will put their money and time on the line. And when they succeed, they create jobs—and a nation prospers.
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