February 14, 2000

The Mail 45

The Mail

I’ve decided your Jan. 31 issue (“The best & worst mutual funds,” Cover) is more of a keepsake than your millennium edition. “Too good to be true?” is second to none as a reminder of the foolish times in which we live. The “new era” that has supposedly reformed the business cycle is nothing more than the hyper-myopia of economists who forget were in the midst of the greatest financial asset inflation yet.
SAVING Ms. Stewart 1415

SAVING Ms. Stewart

Ottawa explodes in a funding scandal that threatens one of the Prime Minister's rising stars
The Bliss Kiss 3839

The Bliss Kiss

A Saskatchewan ‘dame’ scores with a star-studded New York spa
McCain's Magic 3031

McCain's Magic

First, the upstart Republican crushed his opponent in New Hampshire. Now, he’s proving a real contender in ‘Bush country’
A victory that bnngs no peace 3232a

A victory that bnngs no peace

The Chechen rebels are bloodied but unbowed as their city falls
The Art of War 2223

The Art of War

The Canadian War Museum mounts an ambitious exhibition of paintings that have not been seen for decades
The view from the trenches 5253

The view from the trenches

Small-town family doctors diagnose the health system’s ails
Opening Notes 88a

Opening Notes

On April 1, 1974, Pam Barrett, then 20, was diagnosed as having advanced Hodgkins disease. She was, as she puts it, “on my deathbed.” After receiving experimental radiation therapy, Barrett made a slow and painful recovery. She later credited her illness with “convincing me to go to university to learn the best way to defend being a social democrat.”
Stunning creations from ancient Egypt 5455

Stunning creations from ancient Egypt

An exhibition gathers together, for the first time, the 4,500-year-old masterpieces of that country’s Old Kingdom
A little help from his friends 1213

A little help from his friends

Shortly after the 1993 federal election, then-agriculture minister Ralph Goodale gave an interview to a reporter in which he discussed complex trade issues at length. Despite the profusion of words, the journalist later wrote, Goodale didn’t say a thing of substance.
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