March 20, 2000

The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

Kudos to Maclean's for highlighting the silent epidemic of neurological injuries (“Blood sport,” Cover, March 6). As a neurosurgeon, I am acutely aware of the life-changing effects of brain and spinal-cord injuries occurring in our youth.
Free Music! 4243
Technology Cover

Free Music!

Record companies face a huge challenge from the Internet—especially from digital pirates
How Fake Goods Sail Past Customs 4849

How Fake Goods Sail Past Customs

The crammed offices of OMI Music Inc. are located in a small, nondescript business plaza built across from railway tracks in an older neighbourhood of Brampton, Ont. From inside Unit A10, Bhaskaran Menon and his five employees distribute South-Asian music to the world.
The Dawn of Day 1819

The Dawn of Day

Alberta’s treasurer throws down the gauntlet to Preston Manning, saying he will contest the leadership of the new Canadian Alliance party
Out of Timor 2627

Out of Timor

Canadian peacekeepers leave the fledgling state amid concerns the job has not been completed
The Economy


The Canadian economy is finally gushing with them—as companies dangle perks to attract scarce talent
Canada Notes 2425

Canada Notes

The trial of Kelly Ellard, 17, the last of eight teens charged in the November, 1997, beating death of 14-year-old Reena Virk, began in Vancouver. Ellard is charged with seconddegree murder, and is being tried in adult court due to the seriousness of the crime.
Taming the stroke 6061

Taming the stroke

A new drug therapy offers full recovery to many patients
No More Laughter 3637

No More Laughter

Scandals pummel kids’ TV heavyweight Cinar and its oncegolden husband-and-wife team
Overture 1011


CBC TV: doesn’t renew Pamela Wallin’s show for next year. Whatsamatter, did too many people watch? Peter Mansbridge: to host new variety quiz show. Will Pam be celebrity guest? We’ll take Great Canadian Media Rivalries for a hundred, please.
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