April 24, 2000

Hello no, they won't go 2223
Canada and the World

Hello no, they won't go

Many draft dodgers found a home in Canada—and stayed


Raves are all the rage, but drugs are casting a pall over their sunny peace-and-love ethos
digital revolution 4647

digital revolution

For most people, computers and the internet go together like wine and cheese, movies and popcorn, meat and potatoes. But the “post-PC era” is closing in on us. Digital Fact Approximately 21 per cent of Canadian adults with access to the Internet have purchased goods or services online at least once.
Scrummed Out 2627

Scrummed Out

Paul Martin had been through the drill hundreds of times before. The finance minister emerged from a routine meeting, put on his game face and walked into a half-circle of reporters. But on March 16, in Ottawa’s blandly modern Westin hotel, something went terribly wrong.


Are you ready for the next phase of your life? The one with no kids to take care of? Perhaps it is time to buy that boat you have always wanted or to just play golf and tennis every day. Whatever you desire you can have. And it is all part of the package if you buy a home in one of the growing number of adult lifestyle communities in Toronto and southern Ontario.
Feud Without End 6061

Feud Without End

The rift simmers like an Ozarks feud. There is no doubt that Canadas big banks started their quarrel with Ottawa, insouciantly announcing mergers before a merger policy existed. But two years later, the banks cannot placate their stillresentful regulators.
Animal Magnetism 7475

Animal Magnetism

It’s only the first scene of the musical, but as the giraffes trek with slow majesty across the stage, into the flooding light of an African dawn, its clear something extraordinary is happening. Other animals are moving down the aisles of the theatre—an elephant, a cheetah, gazelles, hyenas— while coloured birds fill the air overhead, seemingly buoyed by the thrilling cries of African singers.
Inside the Meltdown 1819

Inside the Meltdown

That giant whooshing sound investors heard last week was the air—or much of it, anyway—being let out of the Internet stock bubble. In five days of frantic trading fuelled in part by reports of lower earnings, the tech-heavy U.S. Nasdaq index dived by 1,125 points, closing on Friday at 3,321 after a record one-day drop of 9.7 per cent.
Spending Less Money on Gasoline 88_1

Spending Less Money on Gasoline

I am an automotive analyst, not an energy analyst, but I can’t help wading into the raging debate over higher gas prices. Before discussing some ways to reduce fuel consumption and thus save some money on gasoline, I would like to comment briefly on what consumers have done in the past year with their vehicle purchases as a result of higher fuel prices.
Canada Notes 3031

Canada Notes

The fight for the right heated up with word that Tom Long, a longtime adviser to Ontario Tory Premier Mike Harris, intends to seek the leadership of the new Canadian Alliance party. Formed from the mostly westernbased Reform party, the Alliance, which hopes to garner support east of Manitoba, suffered a public relations setback recently when Ontario cabinet minister Frank Klees withdrew from the race, claiming that a potential donor had insisted he agree to throw his support behind another, unnamed candidate.
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