May 8, 2000

Right-Hand Man 1819

Right-Hand Man

Tom Long, the brains behind Ontario’s Common Sense Revolution, sets his sights on the leadership of the Canadian Alliance
I Am Single 3637

I Am Single

More Canadians than ever before are choosing to live alone—and liking it
Engines of Growth 4647

Engines of Growth

A new wave of search sites—led by upstart success Google—is challenging the established Web hunters
Home Alone 4243

Home Alone

Seizing a growing market, companies are developing products and services for singles who live by themselves
A Strategic Retreat 3031

A Strategic Retreat

Saddled with debt, Conrad Black puts newspapers up for sale and seeks to embrace the Internet
Overture 1213


Bill Gates: Falling Microsoft stock wipes $9 billion (U.S.) off value of chief geek in one day. Don’t ya hate it when that happens? Coin tosses : Used to decide verdict in U.S. murder trial, and to fix arbitrator in Alexei Yashin-NHL dispute.
Fatal Famine 2627

Fatal Famine

Millions of people are facing starvation in the Horn of Africa
The passionate voice 56b57

The passionate voice

Al Purdy’s finest work makes him ‘one of the enduring poets of the century in English’
When Old becomes New 16b17

When Old becomes New

And now, for those away on Mars recently, some Canadian media news. The head of the company that owns The Toronto Star, the country’s largest newspaper, says Internet development is more important than ongoing newspaper wars. Meanwhile, Conrad Black, who owns more newspapers here than anyone, will sell many of them, and use proceeds to develop online projects.
Joe Clark's time of reckoning 2223

Joe Clark's time of reckoning

No one should be worried if they can’t get their tongues around the words “Prime Minister Long” just yet. Despite all the excited insider chatter that greeted his entry into the Canadian Alliance leadership race last week, it is doubtful whether one in 20 Canadians knows who Tom Long is or what he stands for.
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