May 15, 2000

SUSTAINABILITY: A Strategy of Choice 3637

SUSTAINABILITY: A Strategy of Choice

IN 1995, Alcan Aluminum Ltd. announced that it wanted to build a new smelter in Alma, Que. It was not until 1998, however, that the Montreal-based corporation confirmed its decision to go ahead with the $2.3-billion megaproject. “The announcement was actually the culmination of many steps including environmental hearings, agreements with unions and discussions with various levels of governments as well as with local businesses and community representatives,” says Dan Gagnier, Alcan’s vice-president of corporate affairs.
Keeping Kids Healthy 5051

Keeping Kids Healthy

More children are avoiding or recovering from disease, but trouble spots persist
Reclaiming the Good Life 5455

Reclaiming the Good Life

Early diagnosis and counselling are helping kids with behavioural and neurological disorders
Going Ballistic 1617
Canada and the World

Going Ballistic

One morning in late June, if everything goes as planned, the United States air force will launch a missile from a base in California and send it streaking west across the Pacific Ocean. Twenty minutes later, another American missile will head east from an island in the remote Kwajalein Atoll in the central Pacific.
Diabetes Get Serious 6465

Diabetes Get Serious

These costs are projected to increase significantly as baby boomers age and more Canadians are diagnosed with the disease. (Being 45 or over puts you at increased risk.) It is estimated that within a decade diabetes will become an even more serious health issue as the number of Canadians with the disease is projected to jump to three million.
Better Ways to Create Jobs 2829

Better Ways to Create Jobs

Off welfare, happily ensconced in an insurance agency job, Dennis Reimer now has the incredible luxury of dreaming. A former sales representative for a paint company, Reimer was living with his elderly parents last year, dispiritedly looking for just about any work, when he approached the nonprofit Opportunities for Employment Inc.
Roulette on the Riviera 74_475

Roulette on the Riviera

Every year in May, a pretty town over-looking a strip of beach on the French Riviera tries to upstage Hollywood for 12 days. Cannes is the mother of all film festivals. It’s where Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren first caught the eye of the world.
Peanuts and Pollen 5859

Peanuts and Pollen

Millions of Canadian parents, having been told their children are allergic to something, meticulously keep them away from peanuts, milk or other foods, pollen, mould, dust mites, animal dander, chemicals or insect venom. Parents of non-allergic kids are affected, too.
The in your Pocket 4647
Tech Explorer

The in your Pocket

Jim Baxter needs every edge he can get. Running Baxtek Corp. in Burlington, Ont., he and four employees dispense advice on computers and software to hospitals, retailers and a variety of manufacturers. It’s a competitive business and Baxter, who spends more than half his time on the road, needs to stay in touch with staff and clients.
Uprising of the Patriotes 2223

Uprising of the Patriotes

Navigating the steep, tight curves on the Gaspé coast, Gaston Langlais seems every bit the professor as he sits behind the wheel and launches into a sober, detailed explanation of the regions woes. But within minutes, indignation creeps into his voice.
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