May 22, 2000

Coming of Age 1415

Coming of Age

As he prepares to turn 18, Prince William is showing an independent streak in the tradition-bound world of the monarchy
The Restless Royals of Europe 1819

The Restless Royals of Europe

Inevitably, they called it the “Love Boat,” no matter how improbable the label for an aging Norwegian naval ship. But it was not the vessel itself that prompted the sobriquet. Rather, it was the passenger list, a glittering ensemble of titled European aristocrats, all young, most single.
Unfriendly Skies 3435

Unfriendly Skies

Politicians and passengers assail Air Canada and its hard-driving boss as tales of merger-related turmoil mount
ABBA-solutely Fabulous 4849
Show Business

ABBA-solutely Fabulous

There. The ABBA has been applied. It will burrow deep into the grey matter. It will shoot around the neurotransmitters. It will play at its relentlessly happy clip for the duration of this article. It will control you. See that girl. Watch that scene.
A Season of Strife 4243

A Season of Strife

It was a matter of love over lucre. As an electricalengineering graduate in the mid-1980s, Savio Wong had his pick of profitable career options. His lab partner, Mike Lazaridis, went on to launch high-tech powerhouse Research in Motion Ltd., and is now worth an estimated $415 million.
Gems and Death 3031

Gems and Death

Given the horror that has characterized Sierra Leone's recent past, it was a bold move. On May 8, with their small diamond-rich country once again descending into chaos, several thousand government supporters gathered in Freetown, the capital, to protest at a villa belonging to rebel leader Foday Sankoh.
Trouble at Sea 20_221

Trouble at Sea

Brian Bartibogue used to think being police chief on the Esgenoopetitj native reserve in Burnt Church, N.B., had its tough days. That was before he decided to become a commercial lobster fishermen. Last fall, after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that he and other Mi’kmaqs had the right to fish year-round and without licences, he took to the water— and had all 75 traps he and friends owned cut by angry non-natives or seized by inspectors for the department of fisheries and oceans for flouting federal authority.
Let There Be Dark 4647

Let There Be Dark

At twilight, a great blue heron drifts over Highland Pond in the Torrance Barrens of Ontario’s Muskoka lakes district. And as darkness falls, a pair of loons announce their presence on the water with piercing cries. But the 16 members of the North York Astronomical Association camped on the rocky shoreline barely notice.
Importance of Re-sale Value 2828_1
Automotive Marketplace

Importance of Re-sale Value

It has been my experience that at the time of acquiring a new vehicle, consumers get so concerned with the initial purchase cost that they often do not think through the overall ownership cost. This is understandable since initial costs are visible and easy to evaluate, whereas the costs of ownership are more difficult to ascertain.
Overture 67


Fibbing flacks: One in four public relations people admit in U.S. poll to lying on the job. So how do we know who told the truth to pollsters? Hayden Christensen: 19-year-old Toronto native wins the coveted part playing Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars epic.
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