June 19, 2000

Overture 67


It has become the case of the missing puck. Sometime after scoring his legendary 500th goal, Maurice (Rocket) Richard announced: “We sent [the puck] to the Queen —so it’s over in England somewhere. I hope so anyway.” Since then, the story has circulated throughout Canada-—and like the game of broken telephone, new elements keep being added.
A Life Of Its Own 1617
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A Life Of Its Own

Meech Lake may have died, but Canada is still living with the consequences
Car Prices In Canada 2828_1

Car Prices In Canada

Automotive Marketplace
Splitting Microsoft 3233

Splitting Microsoft

A U.S, judge orders the software legend divided, but founder Bill Gates vows he'll appeal—and win
'I Did What I Had to Do' 2627
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'I Did What I Had to Do'

Brian Mulroney now divides his days between work as a senior partner with the Montreal law firm Ogilvy Renault and duties as a director of a variety of international companies. A decade after the collapse of the Meech Lake accord, and seven years after he resigned as prime minister, Mulroney says that, politically, he has “left my ghosts behind—and seldom looks back.
Both Sides Now 4647

Both Sides Now

A home-town exhibition showcases songwriter Joni Mitchell’s talent as a visual artist
Passionate Prince 5051

Passionate Prince

Paul Gross looks done in. Wearing jeans and a grey Tshirt, the star of Due South slumps into a chair in a Stratford, Ont., restaurant and orders a Heineken. His startlingly blue eyes are shadowed by fatigue, and he seems unable to get comfortable.
Full Steam Ahead 2223
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Full Steam Ahead

The new Canadian Alliance party is surging in opinion polls
The stylish skies 3637

The stylish skies

Roots links up with an airline entrepreneur to snare the business traveller
The Day that Changed Canada 1415
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The Day that Changed Canada

Since the failure of the Meech Lake accord, the political dynamics of the country have been dramaticalley altered
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