July 1, 2000



The Leadership Forum
The Canadian Way 2627

The Canadian Way

There is a confident Canadian style of leadership—and it is making a global impact
The Fear of Losing Control 6061

The Fear of Losing Control

A ‘moderate economic nationalism’ rises in, of all places, the business community
A Meditation on Evil 5455

A Meditation on Evil

Since 1971, Médecins sans frontières has been confronting atrocity
The Mail 67
The Mail

The Mail

The death of the Leech Lake accord might one day be seen as the equivalent of Canada’s political civil war—with the forces of disunity winning (“The day that changed Canada,” Canada/Cover, June 19). The Canadian political climate has changed.
Above and Beyond 5051

Above and Beyond

Canada honours those who risked their lives for others
Edgar's New Page 6465

Edgar's New Page

No longer a booze baron, Bronfman pours Seagram into a global Internet venture
The Alliance's Time of Reckoning 4647

The Alliance's Time of Reckoning

Stockwell Day ’s strong showing in the first round of the leadership vote leaves Preston Manning’s future on the line
Overture 1415


The NHL season is finally over—but on the Internet, hockey talk continues. “The playoffs were kinda boring,” says Brady Bjornson. “Now, things get interesting as we move into trading season.” Bjornson and Cory Harrower, both 14-year-old Winnipeggers, started Puckfans.com last summer—focusing on NHL rumours—because, Bjornson says, “we were tired of cutting lawns.”
How low can we go? 7071

How low can we go?

In the underrated newspaper comic strip Betty, the family is watching television, and Betty is saying: “Each culture finds ways to acquire wealth. Conquest, trade, thrift, innovation.” From the TV come the words “Final answer?” and Betty says: “I believe ours is the first to rely on trivia.”
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