July 17, 2000

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The Mail

The Mail

Canadian excellence
New Pipe Dreams 3435

New Pipe Dreams

In the 1970s, native protests helped stop the Mackenzie Valley pipeline. Now, native leaders want to see it built.
Harry Potter Inc 4243

Harry Potter Inc

The boy wizard makes a spectacular return, in 5.7 million profit-spinning copies of a novel that lives up to all the hype
On to Ottawa 1617

On to Ottawa

If there is one thing many Canadians now know about Stockwell Day, it is that he relishes a tough workout. The most memorable images of him in the Canadian Alliance leadership race were not at the podium debating, but on the street jogging and in the gym pounding the treadmill.
Finding Reality in Fiction 4849

Finding Reality in Fiction

Odd creatures, human beings. They make up stories, then talk about the characters in those Stories as if they were real people. To many, Emma Bovary’s death is as real as John F. Kennedy’s, and Raskolnikov’s murder of the old woman is as fresh as this evening’s news.
On the mean streets 4041

On the mean streets

At 9:30 a.m., the doctor who runs the clinic is late, as usual. The patients are lined up in the hallway, a narrow passage filled with the nostril-biting scent of stale smoke and sour sweat. Leona, a 33-year-old aboriginal woman whose features are bloated by years of street life, needs a new prescription for methadone.
Amazing Escapades 4647

Amazing Escapades

Ah, summer. Time to flee the office. Time to enjoy the sun. Time to relax. Time to crack open one of those juicily entertaining books that go SO Well with a cool drink and a comfortable lounge chair. This season offers the usual array of light reads—everything from breezy romances to fast-paced thrillers to loopy celebrity tell-alls.
Pages to Stretch the Mind 5051

Pages to Stretch the Mind

From Canadian history and politics to the marvels of elephants to literary criticism, the season’s nonfiction includes exceptional new books for those who prefer real people and places. Some of the best: It was a happy moment when John Fraser—master of Massey College at the University of Toronto, National Post media columnist and quintessential Tory (regardless of whom he votes for)—hit upon the idea of updating and Canadianizing the 1918 classic Eminent Victorians.
Words from Wanderers 5253

Words from Wanderers

St. Augustine, the fourth-century Christian scholar who travelled widely around the Mediterranean, once wrote that the world is a book, and that those who didn’t venture afar read only one page. But with the spate of travel books and magazines available today, armchair adventurers can access volumes on most parts of the globe without leaving home.
Overture 89


If Jean Pigott, the former head of the National Capital Commission, has her way, the noon gun in the nations capital will boom again. The tradition started in 1869, when Sir John A. Macdonald’s government ordered a gun fired daily at noon so postal workers could set their watches.
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