August 14, 2000

From the Editor 44_1

From the Editor

The monied boys of summer
Newsroom Notes 44_1

Newsroom Notes

Speaking of moguls
Overture 8_29


MP Art Hanger: The Canadian Alliance defence critic explains Canada's navy is “a rough environment made up of rugged people” and may be unsuitable for women. Or is he talking about his party? Madonna: Goodbye yoga and enlightenment. Hello strippers, pimps, fur and cleavage—in the new video for her CD, Music.
Significant (m)others 1011

Significant (m)others



Talking to Arthur Hailey 1213

Talking to Arthur Hailey

By now, the story of how Bus and Truck magazines most famous alumnus made his name worldwide has become almost as well-known in literary circles as some of the best-selling books that Arthur Hailey has written. But for those who haven’t heard, here goes: in 1955, Hailey was flying back to Toronto from Vancouver on a business trip when, bored, he started daydreaming.
The Izzy and Leonard Show 1415

The Izzy and Leonard Show

Leonard Asper wrapped up the last bit of business in the $3.5-billion deal that reshaped Canada's media landscape by cellular telephone in a car. Nothing surprising about that—except this was a bumper car at Tinkertown, an amusement park just outside Winnipeg.
Reversal Of Fate 1819

Reversal Of Fate

The plot is like something out of a Mordecai Richler novel. Sharp-eyed, compulsivesmoking Jewish guy from, of all places, small-town Manitoba goes nose to nose with equally sharp-eyed, private-school-educated WASP from Toronto for the big enchilada.
The Retreat of an Emperor 2021

The Retreat of an Emperor

In the fall of 1997, when the Rev. Bill Phipps, moderator of the United Church of Canada, questioned Jesus Christ’s divinity, comics Linda Cullen and Bob Robertson immediately picked up the cue. “Great news,” they chuckled,” Conrad’s back in the running.”
Roll-your-own medicine 2223

Roll-your-own medicine

With his greying, shoulder-length hair and a penchant for tie-dyed shirts, Torontonian Terry Parker carries a clear imprint of the early 1970s. And, like some others who came of age in that freewheeling time, he is a fan of cannabis sativa, otherwise known as marijuana.
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