August 21, 2000

From the Editor 45

From the Editor

Newsroom Notes 45

Newsroom Notes

Overture 88_1


Lorie Kane: Now that Canada's finest female golfer is an LPGA titlist, let's hope that’s par for her future course. The Tories: Newspaper headline reports PCs “suffer mass exodus in Quebec.” Their good news: who knew they had so many members left to lose?



Awarded: A six-member Florida jury awarded architect Edward Russell, 64, from Fonthill, Ont., and his business partner, retired baseball umpire Nicholas Stracick of Buffalo, N.Y., $360 million in damages to be paid by the Walt Disney Co. The jury unanimously accepted the pair's assertion that Disney stole their idea for a sports complex, which they first pitched in the late 1980s.
Power moves from Toronto 1011

Power moves from Toronto

The first thing conspiracy theorists need to know is that there is such a thing as a Toronto media cabal, obsessed with itself and ignoring the rest of the country. There are, in fact, several. People who work in the CBC’s Toronto headquarters are invariably fascinated by themselves and each other, and remarkably oblivious to the achievements of the private networks who routinely clock them in the ratings.
THE FUTURE Will It Work? 1213

THE FUTURE Will It Work?

A History of_ What’s Ahead 1415

A History of_ What’s Ahead

“Prediction, ” Nobel physicist Niels Bohr once wryly admitted, “is very difficult. Especially about the future.” After consulting experts, Macleans has assembled a portrait of what may lie ahead, from sure bets and informed speculation to the highly whimsical:
Robot Renaissance 2021

Robot Renaissance

Takeo Kanade is fun to be with. Pleasant, bright—very bright, in fact—Kanade speaks with a playful enthusiasm, smiling or chuckling often when making a particularly fantastic point about his work in robotics, and the future. A self-described optimist, Kanade is the internationally respected director ofThe Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
Robo-helpers 2223


Mention robots and someone is bound to ask whether one exists to vacuum the house. It does, but getting mechanical maids to market has proved tricky. They tend to be expensive, for one thing, and several manufacturers are still trying to perfect their prototypes’ crucial obstacle sensors.
Nanotech: How to Play with Atoms 2627

Nanotech: How to Play with Atoms

There is small stuff. There is tiny stuff. After that comes microscopic. Then, there is nanostuff: stuff so small it has to be measured in billionths of a metre— nanometres. Four individual atoms of copper, for instance, laid side by side, would measure about one nanometre.
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