August 28, 2000

Trying to Light a Fire 2021

Trying to Light a Fire

Anxious Democrats wonder if Al Gore can revive his flagging campaign against George W. Bush
Wild Nights in Movieland 3031

Wild Nights in Movieland

“Before I made my living writing about movies, I drove them.” That’s how Maclean's Senior Writer Brian D. Johnson introduces Brave Films, Wild Nights: 25 Years of Festival Fever, his irreverent history of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Wealth Gap 4243
The Economy

The Wealth Gap

In hindsight, it seems almost inevitable that 32-year-old Caroll Herron toppled, ever so slowly, to the bottom of the economic heap. A feisty high school graduate, the Montreal single mother lost her last secretarial job with a shipping firm in 1992 when the company went bankrupt.
Entombed in the Deep 1415

Entombed in the Deep

Russian officials finally admit defeat after a last-ditch international effort to save 118 sailors aboard the Kursk
Troubled Waters 1011

Troubled Waters

Native lobster fishermen in Atlantic Canada and the federal government continue to clash
Overture 67


The controversy ignited last week by a Globe and Mail column under Donovan Bailey's byline shows the perils of ghostwritten copy. After kayaker Caroline Brunet was chosen to carry Canada’s flag into the opening ceremonies at the Sydney Olympics, Bailey’s column claimed he turned down an offer to carry the flag because it conflicted with his training schedule.
Clicking on ‘Exit’ 2425

Clicking on ‘Exit’

The flamboyant chief of software maker Corel Corp. steps down as losses mount at the troubled company
More Job Opportunities Than Graduates 88_1
Automotive Marketplace

More Job Opportunities Than Graduates

Barrie's Automotive Institute Students In High Demand
A new kind of patriotism 4849

A new kind of patriotism

A number of years ago, two Canadians visiting England fell into discussion in a pub one night with a barmaid. After about 20 minutes, one made a reference to his home country. The barmaid, surprised, said she had been sure they were American—because, she said, “the first thing out of the mouths of you Canadians usually is either the country you come from, or the fact you’re not American.”
-Jobs you don’t want 2627

-Jobs you don’t want

There used to be a disdnct seasonal rhythm to business activity. By mid-June, the pace usually slowed down, and by tacit agreement, big corporate decisions were deferred until cooler heads could prevail after Labour Day. But the relentless push for competitive advantage, as well as new technology, has made it desirable and possible for all parties to remain in constant contact despite vacation schedules.
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