September 25, 2000


A Media Colossus


Ladies on Top

A Media Colossus 3435

A Media Colossus

Over the past year, Jean Monty has been buying up properties and piling them on top of one another much like a winner at a blackjack table stacks his chips in multi-coloured towers. In February, the chairman and chief executive of BCE Inc. dished out $6.8 billion for control of Teleglobe Inc. Then, later that month, came his surprising cash offer of $2.3 billion for CTV Inc. His latest deal, announced last Friday alongside Canada's richest man, Ken Thomson, will create a new media company that gives BCE, at one time just a phone company, control of Thomson Corp.’s The Globe and Mail.


Things have changed since those days. Now, over-the-counter medicines (OTCs) go through a rigorous testing process and must provide a detailed list of ingredients, as well as proof of their effectiveness. But, while medicines don't make it to non-prescription-drug status unless they can provide a very high level of safety, the fact remains that they are powerful remedies that need to be used carefully.
Ladies on Top 6667

Ladies on Top

Canada's Barenaked Ladies are riding high with a new album, a documentary—and a new maturity
Ready to Rumble 1819

Ready to Rumble

As the House resumes, all eyes are really on the looming election
Pumped on Anger 3031

Pumped on Anger

The public cheers as truckers across Europe snarl traffic to protest the rising cost of fuel
Sydney Sizzle 5859

Sydney Sizzle

As the Games began, Canadian athletes suffered heartbreak— and tasted gold
Spending the health money 2223

Spending the health money

As dollars flow into the system, workers on the front lines wonder how long it will take to make a difference
After-school boycott 5455

After-school boycott

As tensions flare over budget cuts and work conditions, extracurricular activities are increasingly under threat
Dealers Aim to Please 3838_1
Automotive Marketplace

Dealers Aim to Please

Back in the early 1960s, a young market researcher by the name of J. David Power started to mail out surveys to new car buyers asking them how satisfied they were with their vehicle and their dealer. He compiled and analyzed the results at his kitchen table and then ran around Detroit telling executives that consumers were not very happy with their product.
Life on the crime beat 1617

Life on the crime beat

In the early 1980s, investigative crime reporter Michel Auger spent a couple of years working for the CBC program the fifth estate. So, for a couple of months, did I: in my final year of university, Brian McKenna—the filmmaker who was then a Montreal-based producer for the show—gave me part-time work as a researcher/gofer.
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