October 2, 2000


Upsets Down Under


Unsung Hero

Upsets Down Under 3233

Upsets Down Under

Canadians won a handful of medals, but the team’s disappointments made it clear the country needs a better-financed sport system
Unsung Hero 6061

Unsung Hero

Canadian Jeff Mallett is the driving force in the success of Yahoo!, the Web’s most popular portal
Anna’s Journey 8485

Anna’s Journey

Canadian publisher Anna Porter talks to Maclean’s Senior Writer Robert Sheppard about her childhood in postwar Hungary
Coroner’s Court 78_279

Coroner’s Court

Nicholas Campbell makes Da Vinci's Inquest a hit
The Mail 66_1
The Mail

The Mail

Olympian ads
Australia Parties On 3637

Australia Parties On

While the world’s athletes strutted their stuff, the hosts celebrated their ‘no worries’ Games-and their medal haul
Welcome ‘Rogers Land’ 5051

Welcome ‘Rogers Land’

The cable titan talks about convergence, the Jays—and rival Bell
Sands of Conflict 4445
Canada and the World

Sands of Conflict

A Canadian firm’s plan to develop a mine in Kenya is dogged by opponents
In need of a booster shot 2627

In need of a booster shot

The B.C. New Democrats may be on life-support
The Phone Guy 4849

The Phone Guy

Fighting back in the convergence wars, Ted Rogers starts his own telephone company
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