November 13, 2000


Uneasy Allies

Canada Essay

The Canadian Way


Mysterious Killer

Uneasy Allies 1819

Uneasy Allies

Liberals claim they are united, but behind the scenes the split between Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin still divides and bedevils the party
The Canadian Way 3435
Canada Essay

The Canadian Way

A native of Hamilton, Ken Dryden, 53, had a spectacular career as the Montreal Canadiens goaltender in the 1970s.
Mysterious Killer 4243

Mysterious Killer

At first, there are few signs of tragedy in this impoverished town in northern Uganda. Along Gulu's sleepy main street, shopkeepers languish in the doorways of their businesses, waiting for the first customers of the day. A few streets over, a group of soldiers in fatigues doing its morning exercises runs past a farmer cultivating a small plot of land.

The Mail 45

The Mail

Election agenda
Montreal Miracle 5253

Montreal Miracle

The new economy is booming in the old city, boosted by Quebec’s lavish aid for high-tech
Hits with a Cutting Edge 6869

Hits with a Cutting Edge

Things got off to a spooky start when Radiohead took to the stage recently at Toronto's Air Canada Centre. Nothing, to paraphrase John Lennon in Strawberry Fields Forever, seemed quite real. Over a disturbingly repetitive bass, the Eng lish group's front man, Thom Yorke, serenaded the sold-out audience with a strangely disembodied voice on The National Anthem, one of the songs from Radiohead's brave new album, KidA.
Angels and Egos 7071

Angels and Egos

Is movie heroism undergoing a makeover? Ever since Julia Roberts donned stiletto heels to drop-kick a corporate villain in Erin Brockovich, the women seem to be having all the fun. In Girlfight, Michelle Rodriguez takes her boxer boyfriend into the ring and pounds him into submission.
The Lonely Warrior 2424_1

The Lonely Warrior

Preston Manning remains a loyal soldier for the cause
Backroom Boys 3232_1

Backroom Boys

Until their arrests on Oct. 27 in connection with Canadas worst act of terrorism and mass murder, the two suspects in the bombing more than 15 years ago of Air India Flight 182 were formidable players at every level of mainstream B.C. politics.
A Mania for Messaging 5859

A Mania for Messaging

Driven by talky teenagers, instant chat programs are the Web's hot growth area
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