December 4, 2000

The Cell in Your Future 3435

The Cell in Your Future

They’re already part of life. Now, business is betting billions on a new breed of wireless wonders that will put the Net in your hand.

The Fight for Knowledge 5859

The Fight for Knowledge

Canada's university libraries are battling for access to cutting-edge research

Majority Rules 1819
Election 2000

Majority Rules

It was not always pretty, but Jean Chrétien got the job done. He gambled by calling an early election, overruling apprehensive advisers and a downright panicky Liberal caucus. He plunged, or perhaps was dragged, into the most acrimonious federal campaign in memory.

Out of Sight 6869

Out of Sight

Experts see a crisis looming in age-related vision loss
A season of nonfiction plenty 8687

A season of nonfiction plenty

Margaret Visser’s uncanny ability to illuminate the assumptions behind everyday, taken-for-granted objects has never been better displayed than in The Geometry of Love (HarperFlamingo, $35). In it, the author conducts a detailed tour of a single church, Rome's St. Agnes Outside the Walls, a building both ordinary in purpose—a place of Christian worship like any other—and extraordinary in fact, a 1,350-year-old structure erected over the burial place of a 12-year-old girl martyred in 305.
The Standoff in the South 7677

The Standoff in the South

“Wanna see one?” Camilla Moore asks conspiratorially. She glances around, then beckons a visitor into the shade of a palm tree outside the cavernous Emergency Operations Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. Inside, weary volunteers are hard at work, eyeballing precisely 462,644 punch-card ballots, trying to figure out nothing less than who has the right to claim the White House.
Overture 89


The U.S. electorate: Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Sooooo ... is it over? The Canadian electorate: It’s ooooverrrrrr!! The Montreal Canadiens: Hockey’s most storied franchise? It’s over. Les Canadiens sont blaaaah.
Codes of Conduct 80B81

Codes of Conduct

To borrow from Charles Dickens, these would seem to be both the best and worst of times. On the one hand, much of the world is enjoying an economic expansion that makes past booms look like busts. Scientifically, we’ve begun to unravel the finicky mysteries of the human genetic code, while advances in communications have made near neighbours of Whitehorse and Bombay.
Wireless Nation 40B41

Wireless Nation

Welcome to Finland, where nearly everyone has a cellphone
Stumbles on the Campaign Trail 2223
Election 2000

Stumbles on the Campaign Trail

So much for the election about the future. When the campaign began, it was touted as a collision of Big Visions. On one side would be Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, espousing Liberal values that adroitly balance individual self-interest in the form of tax cuts with the larger community’s needs for a social safety net.
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