December 11, 2000

The Smugglers' Slaves 1415

The Smugglers' Slaves

Thousands of Chinese who entered Canada illegally will spend years in abject poverty as they struggle to pay off the gangsters who brought them to the promised land



Well after midnight, on a cold stretch of highway somewhere in British Columbia’s Cascade Mountains, a party is in progress. It’s mid-November, and members of the Tragically Hip, fresh off a successful tour opening in Vancouver, are celebrating as their bus whisks them northeastward overnight towards the Okanagan Valley.

Pages of Pleasure 5455

Pages of Pleasure

Vanity Fair's Hollywood (Viking, $85) is a fat Toblerone slab of celebrity past and present. The images range from Sophia Loren eyeing Jayne Mansfield's alpine cleavage at dinner to a windblown Jack Nicholson in a dressing gown and shades driving golf balls off his cliff-side backyard.

Cute-Lit for the kiddies 5858A

Cute-Lit for the kiddies

Bringing together two greats of children’s literature— Canadian poet Dennis Lee (Alligator Pie, Garbage Delight) and American illustrator David McPhail (Mole Music)— couldn’t help but yield something extraordinary. And so it is with Bubblegum Delicious (Key Porter, $19.95).
The Weakest Link 2626A

The Weakest Link

In the fined days of the election campaign, some of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's closest advisers were feeling angry and anxious. The polls showed the Liberals cruising to a majority, which is, of course, how things turned out on Nov. 27.
The outlook for e-tailing 3839

The outlook for e-tailing

The Chapters battle highlights online perils
Opening Chapters 3637

Opening Chapters

Canada’s power couple makes a play for the biggest book chain
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

The rather sad statistic that only 63 per cent of eligible voters bothered to vote should be of concern to all Canadians (“Majority rules,” Cover, Dec. 4). While there are numerous and complex reasons for this poor turnout, one clearly was the tenor of the campaign, which alienated many citizens.
Overture 6F7


Jean Chrétien: Pre-election, pundits told PM he was in over his head. Now, PM to pundits: “Drop dead!” Pundits: For a while, at least, have to seek new target to pick on. Stock Day: Given bad result and uncertain future, should maybe change first name to “Yester.”
The PM: the art of war 1011

The PM: the art of war

Shortly before the polls closed on election night last week, an old friend of Jean Chrétien was chatting with an acquaintance and recounting, with a fond but bemused shake of the head, a conversation with the Prime Minister two days earlier.
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