December 18, 2000

Tales wise and woeful 8485

Tales wise and woeful

More than ever, young readers can choose from an array of sophisticated books

Debating Points 3233

Debating Points

Loyalty programs are everywhere. But do they work?

Seesaw Politics 2627

Seesaw Politics

The surprises kept coming in the ongoing presidential battle between Al Gore and George W. Bush

The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

Canadians have spoken. Let the East govern the East, and the West govern the West (“Majority rules,” Cover, Dec. 4). If Prime Minister Jean Chrétien wants to waste eastern dough, fine. But we don’t want him giving our western tax money to friends.
There’s no laugh like it 16417

There’s no laugh like it

When he contemplated his pending 40th birthday last fall, Garner Bornstein didn’t mess around. He called up four couples who are friends of his and his wife, Jane, and asked if they could take time off from their everyday lives sometime soon.
Megacity Madness 2021

Megacity Madness

The Parti Québécois’s plan for municipal mergers has ignited a political firestorm in Montreal
The Greenspan mystique 3637
The Greenspan mystique

The Greenspan mystique

For the capital markets crowd, Alan Greenspan is the equivalent of Greta Garbo. Like the enigmatic actress, he cultivates an inscrutable veneer, punctuated by cryptic comments. Greenspan reportedly proposed three times to his wife, former White House television correspondent Andrea Mitchell, before she realized he was talking marriage.
Overture 8b9


Seagram Co.: Down the hatch for a Canadian institution as French firm completes takeover. Rye whisky will never taste the same, eh/hein?. Alexei Yashin: Ottawa Sens drop lawsuit against no-longer-wayward star after he agrees to make donation to kids’ hospital.
Which one will survive? 9697

Which one will survive?

Richard Gwyn, the veteran Toronto Star columnist, recently made a trip to his native England after a long absence away. Gwyn, who had to buy his way out of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst when as a youth he decided he didn’t want to be an army officer, has come to an astonishing conclusion.
Mystery riot 2223

Mystery riot

Accidental. That’s how military records describe the March 5, 1919, deaths of William Tarasevich, Joseph Young, William Haney, Jack Hickman and David Gillan. These First World War Canadian soldiers all died in Wales, miles away from the Allied front—and four months after the war ended.
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