January 22, 2001

Animal Wrongs 3435

Animal Wrongs

The growing trade in animals, some of them rare species, poses dangers to public health and safety - and to the animals themselves



As George W. Bush waits impatiently in the wings, Bill Clinton bids a long and busy goodbye to the American presidency

A Dark Day for the PQ 1415
Canada Special Report

A Dark Day for the PQ

Bouchard’s sudden departure leaves a void that sovereigntists will find difficult to fill

Flesh and Bones 4041

Flesh and Bones

Illicit sales of animal parts are putting species at risk
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

All power to Dr. Heidi Oetter for seriously considering a change from family medicine to running a bed-and-breakfast (“At the breaking point,” Cover, Jan. 8). She is not alone in feeling frustration with a medical system that has in no way kept up with demand for services.
How to React? 4243

How to React?

The jailing of a young author illustrates just how difficult it is for schools to deal with bullying
Overture 89


All the news we choose to print: The PM’s best birthday gift! Baby, is that your Jeep? Aliens snub earthlings! And a new way to monkey around! Lucien: Old theme song, Gens du Pays. New theme, California, Here I Come. Sovereignty’s out, but surf’s up!
Trouble at the Megaplex 2829

Trouble at the Megaplex

The passion for big, big theatres threatens to sink the Cineplex Odeon chain
Giving Up the Struggle 1213
Canada Special Report

Giving Up the Struggle

On Dec. 13, 1995—the day he left federal politics on his way to become premier of Quebec—Lucien Bouchard asked for and received a meeting with Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. Remarkably, it was the first private meeting between two of the most dominant figures in Canadian politics.
Focus, please! 3031

Focus, please!

Movies often look worse at a megaplex, thanks to technology stretched to the limit
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