January 29, 2001

The Best & Worst MUTUAL FUNDS 3031

The Best & Worst MUTUAL FUNDS

Amid careening markets, Canadians are flooding back into mutual funds. So where should they put their money?

2001: It Could Soon Turn Ugly 3839

2001: It Could Soon Turn Ugly

Amid the dark clouds gathering over the Canadian and global economies, three Toronto-based financial experts met in a Maclean’s boardroom to discuss investment strategies for the coming year. They were Jeffrey Rubin, chief economist for CIBC World Markets, Wendy Brodkin, president of Goodman Institutional Investments, and Eric Kirzner, a finance professor at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.

THE HOT 100 FUNDS 4243


Out of the more than 3,300 mutual funds in Canada, the 100 funds listed alphabetically below were judged the best in their respective categories based on the Morningstar rating system. This approach, used by Toronto-based Morningstar Research Inc., factors in the fund's performance, risk-adjusted return and potential for loss relative to the average for its category (fund type) over three-, fiveand 10-year periods.

Overture 89


Stockwell Day: Tries unsuccessfully to suppress news that settlement of his legal troubles cost Alberta taxpayers almost $800 g’s. Say, silence really is golden! Aline Chrétien: The PM’s wife gets honorary diploma from Royal Conservatory of Music.
Taking the Heat 1819

Taking the Heat

Stockwell Day comes under increasing fire from members of his Alliance party


Here’s a new game show that can be played at home. Call it Survivor: The Outback of Television. Armed with only a clicker, each TV viewer is marooned in a wasteland of shows about adulterous couples, horny singles, conspiring castaways, iron chefs, unknown pop stars, brides for sale, wanna-be millionaires, paranoid tourists, diva loft-dwellers and performing cops.
Bush Country 2425

Bush Country

A new president is inaugurated— but his political honeymoon is likely to be short
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

The supply and distribution of physicians in Canada is indeed a problem. The solution will be complex, multifaceted and expensive, and will include providing additional seats for undergraduate medical students as noted in your article “At the breaking point” (Cover, Jan. 8).
Bill's rush to 'greatness' 1617

Bill's rush to 'greatness'

When President Clinton, a naughty Southern boy who oozes appeal and is the closest thing to Elvis I’ve ever met, gave me that two-handed handshake and told me he had heard “sooo much” about me, I was gone. Didn’t matter that he said the same damn thing to every woman introduced to him, it hit my midbrain.
Protecting the Amateurs 4647

Protecting the Amateurs

The collapse of the North American bull market could not have come at a better time for Canada's mutual fund industry. Although it will certainly make portfolio returns tougher to achieve, at least there may now be an audience for that performance.
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