February 5, 2001

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Fiction 1. THE CONSTANT GARDENER, John Le Carré (6).... 1 2. WINTER’S HEART, Robert Jordan (10) ..........5 3. VINYL CAFE UNPLUGGED, Stuart McLean (10) ...3 4. THE BLIND ASSASSIN, Margaret Atwood (21) .... 4 5. THE SHAPE OF SNAKES, Minette Walters (2).....7
The hawk circles 2627
World Special Report

The hawk circles

Palestinians call him the Butcher of Beirut—a man blamed for shedding more Arab blood than any other Israeli. Ariel Sharon, the 72-year-old former defence minister and commando, earned their hatred in 1982 when Israel invaded Lebanon.
A Landry quandary 5657

A Landry quandary

One winter in the 1980s, a young Anglo journalist was in the northern Quebec region of Rouyn-Noranda on assignment when a snowstorm hit. All regular flights out of the local airport were cancelled, and the journalist discovered, unhappily, that his stay was likely to be much longer than expected.
He writes, he scores 5051

He writes, he scores

Somewhere inside Roy MacGregor there still lives the hockey-playing kid he once was, full of dreams of glory and practical jokes. And not very deep inside either, laughs the accomplished newspaper columnist and award-winning author, now a 52-year-old father of four.
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

This cover story shows why Maclean's is still one of the best magazines around (“Animal wrongs,” Cover, Jan. 22). It sheds light on something that Canadians don’t really want to believe is happening in our great country. I hope this story will prompt the federal government to pass some effective laws with penalties to protect all defenceless animals.
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