February 12, 2001



Judging by last week's speech from the throne, peacekeeping is hardly worth mentioning in a discussion of Liberal priorities. The blueprint for Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's third mandate brushed off the blue berets in a boilerplate paragraph pledging to “continue Canada's proud record of peacekeeping.”
When less is more 48d49

When less is more

It’s one of those good news, bad news stories. Some people will rejoice over statistics showing a decrease in television viewing. Others will hold emergency meetings. There is probably one going on right now. Let’s get the bad news over quickly.
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Joely Collins is more than just an arm piece for an awards show. Although in the last two years, she has accompanied her father, British rock star Phil Collins, to the Golden Globes, Grammys and Academy Awards, the 28-year-old actress is a TV star in her own right.
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

For the general public who is being encouraged to invest in mutual funds, management expense ratios are a big concern. It is sad to discover that the MERs are as high for the worst funds as for the best funds (“The best & worst mutual funds,” Cover, Jan. 29) and more than one per cent higher than the equivalent management costs for mutual funds in the United States, where managers have, over the past many years, generated a far better return than their Canadian counterparts.
Canada Notes 3031

Canada Notes

Roger Grimes, 50, a former math and science teacher and provincial health minister, won Newfoundland's Liberal leadership convention on the second ballot. Grimes will be sworn in as the province's eighth premier, succeeding Brian Tobin, now the federal industry minister, who quit as premier 20 months into his second term to run in last November's federal election.
Mutual funds—a correction 4243

Mutual funds—a correction

In the listings in “The best and worst mutual finds” in the Jan. 29 issue, supplied by Morningstar Research Inc. of Toronto, a programming mistake created errors in some of the tables showing Average 1-5 Year Annual Return. Below are the corrected listings.
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