September 10, 2001

Berton's Great War 3233

Berton's Great War

In an excerpt from his new book, the veteran author chronicles the Last Hundred Days, in which Canadians were chosen to lead the advance
Montreal mélange 4647

Montreal mélange

Sophia and a Balkan rocker put some shine on a tarnished silver anniversary
Ready on the set 5455

Ready on the set

This week marks the launch ¿^Global National, a supper-hour newscast anchored by Kevin Newman, who also serves as executive editor. Based in Vancouver, the halfhour show—an ambitious new initiative for CanWest Global Communications, run by the Asper family—is billed as an “alternative, less formal” approach to the news
Who decides what's right? 1819

Who decides what's right?

The issue of corporal punishment pits the children's aid society against the Church of God-and raises questions about government’s role in private lives
The chopper war 2223

The chopper war

Politics and controversy dog Ottawa’s $2.9-billion helicopter plum
""Mail 44a


Having grown up in the only black family in a small British Columbia community, I can relate to some of the emotions expressed by Lawrence Hill (“Black + white . . . equals black,” Cover, Aug. 27). I, too, experienced feelings of racial isolation and disconnection, eagerly soaked up the rare ’70s sitcoms featuring black actors, and received mixed racial messages
My son the Ironman 3839

My son the Ironman

A father reflects on watching his child finish a gruelling test of endurance
A town divided 4243

A town divided

Racism once flourished in the town of Dresden, Ont.
Aural borealis 5252a

Aural borealis

A Canadian composer heeds the call of the wild
‘Good’ bacteria to the rescue 4444a

‘Good’ bacteria to the rescue

Probiotics can treat diseases and keep food and water clean
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