June 3, 2002

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Lives of girls and women

In the winter of 2001,I decided to travel to Kandahar, the spiritual capital of the Taliban, to see conditions for myself. Gaining entrance to this place as a woman, a journalist and a foreigner—all red flags to the ruling Taliban—required patience and downright chicanery.
A character test for cities 2021

A character test for cities

There is one sure thing about a dinner party. Take my word for it. The whole tone of the evening is set by the hostess. Hostess nervous, unsure of her menu, apologizing all the time: result, a lousy time for all. Hostess confident, knows what she’s doing, puts her guests at ease:
The Mail 45
The Mail

The Mail

Anonymous donor While the problems faced by children born through donor insemination are understandable (“Who’s my birth father?” Cover, May 20), the concerns of donors should also be appreciated. Leaving aside the danger of unrequited attachment to the father if his identity became known and the feelings of guilt if the kid has problems, there is the possibility of maintenance claims.
Look who’s talking 3839
Tech Explorer

Look who’s talking

One reason sport divers enjoy disappearing underwater is the silence. No surprise then that Divelink, a waterproof voice communications system that withstands depths of 60 m, never really caught on with that crowd. Police, firefighters and the military, on the other hand, love it.


You can always count on Cannes to deliver the incongruous. Woody Allen, dean of agoraphobia, climbs the red carpet amid a blaze of cameras. Guerrilla filmmaker Michael Moore, almost unrecognizable in a new suit, is thanked by a tearful Sharon Stone during a thunderous ovation at the end of Bowling for Columbine.
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Tech Explorer

Virtual keyboard

First there was the hand-held computer. Later came the portable, foldable keyboard. Now, in the continuing and frequently frustrating quest to more easily enter data into tiny mobile devices, comes the full-size, virtual keyboard by VKB Inc.


Christopher Newton is sitting where he always does on the Shaw Festival’s opening night, in the high box on the south wall of the Festival Theatre. Over the years, the actors on stage have grown to expect the sight of his silverhaired, bespectacled figure looking down on them, offering quiet support amid the uncertainties of launching a new show.
Saving Liberals from themselves 23
From the Editor

Saving Liberals from themselves

A friend and I talked recently about a mutual acquaintance—a devout Liberal who was an associate of Pierre Trudeau, and remains a big fan of Jean Chrétien. But in the early ’80s, he confessed he hoped the party would lose the next election—so it could cleanse itself, reassess its goals, and one day return, purged, to power.
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