June 7, 2010

Prescription for trouble 5455

Prescription for trouble

THE PRICE SOUNDS Steep-$3,500, plus expenses, for a house call—but for the kind of people seeking Dr. Anthony Galea’s help, it’s chump change. New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez used his services, as did his on-again-off-again girlfriend Madonna, and Swedish soccer star and Calvin Klein underwear model Freddie Ljungberg, per a wellplaced source.
Say goodbye to the recovery 4647

Say goodbye to the recovery

ON MAY 6, shortly after 2:30 p.m., stock markets in the West went bonkers. In the span of 17 minutes, major indices shed nine per cent of their value, erasing $1 trillion in wealth. Then, just like that, prices rebounded and it was over. Dubbed the “flash crash,” regulators are still probing what went wrong. Analysts have voiced their suspicions.
The Canadian connection 3233

The Canadian connection

LAST APRIL, after eight hours in a windowless cell, with a phone to duty counsel as his only link to the outside world, Mahmoud Yadegari finally broke down. The legal aid lawyers had warned him not to talk. Even the Mounties who had arrested him that morning on the porch of his square, beige bungalow in north Toronto repeated their standard cautions that his words could be used against him when his case went to court.


Take an idea, a philosophical opinion rather, that the history of a place isn’t rooted in the mud from which it was raised, but in the millions who have lived and died there; apply it to the iconic city of the Western imagination, home to some of its most eminent figures; and weave together beguiling little character sketches from the past two centuries.
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Assuming that the military prosecutor’s account of the actions of Capt. Robert Semrau is accurate—that he killed a gravely wounded Taliban fighter rather than abandon him to his fate—I would contend that if Capt. Semrau spends a minute in prison, it would be 60 seconds too many (“A soldier’s choice,” National, May 24).
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The former Torontonian and Most Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is famous for her stone-faced, satirical interviews with politicians and self-appointed experts. Samantha Bee, 40, lives in New York City with her husband and fellow cast member Jason Jones and their two young children.
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This week


Prosecutors withdrew criminal charges Tuesday against former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant in the very public death in downtown Toronto last Aug. 31 of bicycle courier Darcy Allan Sheppard. There was no prospect of conviction on the charges, which included criminal negligence causing death, said independent prosecutor Richard Peck, who was brought in from Vancouver because of the sensitivity of the case.
What Harper’s thinking 1819

What Harper’s thinking

FOR TWO GUYS who never got along, Jean Chrétien and Stephen Harper seem to be learning to enjoy each other’s company. They posed for photos at Whistler during the Olympics, dressed for warmth and grinning from ear to ear. They were back together this week when Prime Minister Harper spoke at the unveiling of Chrétien’s official portrait in Parliament’s Centre Block.
National man of mystery 2021

National man of mystery

IF YOU COULDN’T immediately place the man in the photograph above as one of the most powerful in federal politics, don’t beat yourself up. When Guy Giorno, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, made a rare public appearance recently to testify before a House committee looking into government secrecy, even some veteran Parliament Hill news photographers needed to have him pointed out so they would know which way to aim their lenses.
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