October 18, 2010

A place for pitches 5859

A place for pitches

ON THE POPULAR CBC show Dragon’s Den, inventors are given a chance to pitch their ideas to wealthy investors. P2P Financial Inc. wants to replicate that online, with a market it launched last month to link independent lenders with entrepreneurs seeking investments ranging from $25,000 to $1 million.
The political genius of Rob Ford 2627

The political genius of Rob Ford

ROB FORD LEANS back in the nook of his Rob-Ford-for-mayor RV and, sphinx-like, fixes his gaze on something at the far end of the universe. He is just back from a fundraiser at the Mandarin buffet, in uptown Toronto, where members of the local Chinese communities feted his coming victory over the forces of “waste” and “socialism” at city hall.


SEVERAL YEARS AGO, the Bank of Montreal first noticed what it described as “irregularities” in some mortgages sold in Alberta. After conducting an internal investigation, it quietly launched a lawsuit last year that alleged a massive mortgage fraud scheme involving hundreds of people, ranging from lawyers to mortgage brokers and four of the bank’s own employees—even a Calgary MP.
On the difference between men’s and women’s hockey, and why her son doesn’t like the game 1617

On the difference between men’s and women’s hockey, and why her son doesn’t like the game

HAYLEY WICKENHEISER, captain of Canada’s gold-medal-winning women’s hockey team, is the game’s most decorated female player, with more goals, assists, penalty minutes and medals in international play (including three Olympic golds and a silver) than any other woman.
Campbell’s soup 2021

Campbell’s soup

HE SWEPT INTO office with the biggest majority in the country’s history, having united the traditionally fractious right flank. But after he rammed through a new, “value-added” tax in the middle of a recession—a move loved by economists but despised by the public— his approval rating sank to just 11 per cent, making him the most unpopular leader in Canada’s history.
‘A depository for the truly mad’ 3233

‘A depository for the truly mad’

IN A SIGN of the season, in Ottawa this week, incumbent Mayor Larry O’Brien apologized for his first two years in office—a “complete disaster,” the mayor bluntly admitted. “I probably made every single major political mistake that was possible—I even made quite a few mistakes that, quite frankly, were impossible to replicate,” he continued.
Newsmakers 1213
This week


Former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Fortier has a novel idea to eliminate the constant threat of a referendum in Quebec: make the province hold one every 15 years, with no option to hold another in the intervening years. “As a federalist, I’d prefer that we didn’t hold them anymore,” he said.
Escaping the straitjacket 6667

Escaping the straitjacket

WHEN MARK VONNEGUT sat on the Harvard Medical School admissions committee, he used to ask the congenital overachievers who came before him a simple question: what is being a doctor going to do for you? Conditioned to talk about saving lives, advancing science, or just making the world a better place, the candidates frequently struggled to articulate what the more selfish gains from their chosen profession might be.
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