March 21, 2011

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MICHAEL IGNATIEFF HAS been among the people. “I’m in Newfoundland two weeks ago,” the Liberal leader said over tea in the sunroom at Stornaway, the official Opposition leader’s residence. On the wall behind him was a landscape by the Winnipeg artist Ivan Eyre, all slate-grey skies and autumn foliage.
Living like a centenarian 4243

Living like a centenarian

IT HAS BEEN the stuff of myth and fairy tale since the earliest times and across all cultures: an elixir of life that can make the old young again. But two drugs—already in use to treat blood cancer—are the first medications that can reverse some of the effects of aging, perhaps allowing people to remain healthy longer into old age.
The Canada bubble 3435

The Canada bubble

BOB HABER AND David Madani are foreigners who have spent a lot of time studying Canada. Haber, an American, was chief investment officer at fund giant Fidelity Canada for 12 years and tracked Canadian stocks from his base in Boston. Meanwhile, Madani, a New Zealander, spent a decade with the Bank of Canada as a forecaster and policy analyst.
On dragons who can’t make deals, Kevin O’Leary and what he thinks of The Bachelorette 1415

On dragons who can’t make deals, Kevin O’Leary and what he thinks of The Bachelorette

BRETT WILSON, the Calgary-based investment banker and philanthropist who came to national prominence as the “dragon with a heart” on the highly rated CBC reality television show Dragon’s Den, is now no dragon at all. He and the CBC parted ways following difficult contract negotiations in which he says the broadcaster insisted he never mention his association with the CBC or the show during public appearances or in promoting his own work.
Rank amateurs 2627

Rank amateurs

OUT OF THE clear blue sky came the ominous roar of the incoming bomber. At the chaotic checkpoint in Ras Lanuf, rebel fighters who took the strategic oil port city last Friday wildly fired anti-aircraft guns. Cars blared their horns and skidded away.
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Following in the delicate footsteps of the great Mikhail Baryshnikov, who slipped away from his Soviet handlers during a ballet performance in Toronto in 1974, five Cuban ballet dancers appear to have defected to Canada following a performance in Montreal last month.
Ken Finkleman doesn’t‘get’women 5253

Ken Finkleman doesn’t‘get’women

KEN FINKLEMAN SAYS he’s “terrible at writing women. I should not be allowed to do it.” So why is Good Dog, the newest series from Canada’s most famous TV creator-star (The Newsroom), about his relationship with a woman—and not just any woman, but one half his age?
The people's preacher 4849

The people's preacher

EVEN BEFORE HIS political career began, Tommy Douglas—who immigrated to Canada from Scotland as a child, and came from hardscrabble roots—understood that, “at the end of the day, politics needed to be about practical things,” says Vincent Lam, an emergency room doctor and Giller Prize-winning author, whose latest book, part of Penguin’s Extraordinary Canadians series, profiles the father of universal health care in Canada (in stores March 8).


ON THE LAST day of February, the family of Krista and Tatiana Hogan, Canada’s only conjoined twins, piled into a van leased by the provincial government for the journey southwest from Vernon, B.C., to Vancouver for a week-long series of medical appointments for the girls.
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