November 14, 2011

Beaver be dammed 2627

Beaver be dammed

SEN. NICOLE Eaton had no idea when she stood up in the Red Chamber last week to propose the polar bear replace the beaver as Canada’s national emblem that she was about to mine a national nerve. And what a geyser she hit. Within hours of her statement, inflamed blog posts and “shocked and appalled” letters to the editor were flowing from the inhabitants of a nation built on lust for the once-fashionable, highly lucrative beaver pelts, one so great the Hudson’s Bay Company adorned its coat of arms with four of the rodents in 1678.
Interview 1617


IN HIS FINAL months, Steve Jobs opened up all aspects of his life to his sanctioned biographer, Walter Isaacson, granting more than 40 interviews. In an exclusive Canadian interview, the author of Steve Jobs talks about the computer mogul’s genius, and his dark side.
Drink like an Egyptian 8283

Drink like an Egyptian

WHEN IT COMES to food these days, everything old is new again, which isn’t that surprising after years of genuflecting in the church of molecular gastronomy. The only altar left for foodies to worship at is an old one. Jars of preserved goods, just like grandma used to make, line the kitchen shelves of countless restaurants.
Mitchel Raphael on pandemic priorities— firefighters or MPs? 42b43

Mitchel Raphael on pandemic priorities— firefighters or MPs?

Four years ago, former Liberal MP Mike Savage spent a day in a wheelchair on the Hill to create awareness on behalf of the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA) about the challenges faced by disabled people. Since then, the CPA has seen a number of MPs and senators from all parties take on the challenge of being in a wheelchair for a day.
Good to be one 6061

Good to be one

The top one per cent of earners in America saw their share of total after-tax income jump from 1979 to 2007, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Most groups saw declines.
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