July 15, 2013


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Keystone pipe dreams

The Quiz 6465

The Quiz

1. Which film from 2001 won the first-ever Academy Award for best animated feature film? 2. What does the medical term “hypodermic” literally mean? 3. In the 1960s, British designer Mary Quant is credited with designing what scandalous item of clothing?
Keystone pipe dreams 3233

Keystone pipe dreams

IT MAY ALREADY be the most studied, pickedover and argued-about stretch of pipe ever laid in America. And just when it looked as if TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline—from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast—was in the home stretch to a final decision, it now faces two more potential hurdles in its fifth year of U.S. federal review.
A pinch of halt 2627

A pinch of halt

LAST YEAR THE federal government paid Harris-Decima, the market research firm, $75,000 to test some ideas for an advertising campaign to promote healthy eating. The firm surveyed 1,800 parents with children 12 and under, and conducted focus groups in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.
Good News/Bad News 89
This week

Good News/Bad News

Thankfully, the days of Canada’s human rights bureaucrats policing free speech are officially over. The Senate passed a bill last week abolishing Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act—a highly contentious provision intended to crack down on hate speech, but which became a misguided means to stifle legitimate expression and even censor media outlets, including Maclean’s.
1989-2013 Justin August Knackstedt 6667
The end

1989-2013 Justin August Knackstedt

JUSTIN AUGUST KNACKSTEDT was born in Saskatoon on Dec. 6, 1989, to Howard, an agriculture supply store manager, and Lori, who worked various part-time jobs while raising the couple’s three children. Justin and his younger siblings, Trina and Dawson, grew up next door to their grandparents on a 160-hectare farm on the old townsite of Wimmer, east of the city, with sweeping prairie views of canola fields that glowed yellow in the summertime.
‘It could have been so much more’ 2829

‘It could have been so much more’

U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK Obama made his first extended sub-Saharan African trip in style. His entourage included hundreds of Secret Service agents, cargo planes, 14 limousines, a Navy aircraft carrier—or amphibious ship, the details were not disclosed—and trucks carrying bulletproof glass, in order to protect the windows of the hotels where the President and his family stayed, according to advance reports.
Down, but far from out 1617

Down, but far from out

THE BAD NEWS broke on July 1: the 2013 Calgary Stampede won’t quite be up to snuff in all respects. Participants in the Team Cattle Penning competition had to be told that there just wasn’t enough time to prepare the Calgary Saddledome, which was awash in flood water to the eighth row of seats days ago, for the July 5 showdown.
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