July 29, 2013

Putin's last stand 2425

Putin's last stand

IN LATE APRIL, the forests surrounding Pikalyovo, an industrial city 250 km east of St. Petersburg, are still blanketed with melting snow. Elderly men and women stomp through them looking for pussy willows to decorate their homes or sell at weekend markets to supplement their pensions.
The fog of a forgotten war 5051

The fog of a forgotten war

WHEN DONALD DALKE left his home in Lethbridge, Alta., at 19 to fight in the Korean War, he was told not to expect a medal. “We were informed we couldn’t qualify for medals because, as far as the government was concerned, they did not declare war and so there’s no war,” recalls Dalke, 82, who served as a volunteer with the Army’s Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.
Troubled waters 4445

Troubled waters

THE CRUISE SHIP Carnival Triumph set sail out of Galveston, Texas, amid an unusually high level of fanfare a little over a month ago. Comedian George Lopez performed two matinee shows, DJ Irie spun records by the pool and visitors to the newly added EA Sports Bar were greeted by Houston Texans cheer-leaders.
Our love affair with Luna, the lost whale 6061

Our love affair with Luna, the lost whale

THE LOST WHALE: THE TRUE STORY OF AN ORCA NAMED LUNA Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm It’s been more than seven years since Luna, the orphan orca that made its home in an inlet off Vancouver Island, died after colliding with a tug-boat propeller.
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It did really feel like a moment of unity for Calgary (“Down, but far from out,” National, July 15): from the second the evacuations started, the prevailing mood was to run down to the lowlands and punch this flood in the balls. Citizens fanned out to flooded neighbourhoods and starting hauling junk and tearing out gyprock without so much as exchanging names with homeowners.
What happened the day her daughter died, and how even the most loving parents make mistakes 1617

What happened the day her daughter died, and how even the most loving parents make mistakes

IN ONE WEEK in early July, two Canadian toddlers died after being left in hot cars, one in Alberta, one in Ontario. Cases like these happen with frightening—and increasing-regularity: multiple times every summer in Canada, and almost 40 times per year in the U.S. Yet in almost every reported case, there is no intent to harm, just a simple, horrifying slip of memory, a hot day, a tragic mistake, a child left in a car.
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Even as she stood on the pitcher’s mound, it was obvious that Carly Rae Jepsen was about to embarrass herself. Sporting acidwashed daisy dukes and nude fishnet stockings, the Canadian pop singer tossed a dud of a first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game.
Unsafe at any speed? 2021

Unsafe at any speed?

MAUDE VERREAULT DOESN’T want to talk about the past anymore. She has told her story so many times already. A waitress working at the Musi-Café in Lac-Mégantic one Friday night, she went outside for a smoke break. Moments later, a runaway train carrying 72 cars of crude oil derailed, killing almost everyone inside the restaurant, but sparing her life as she ran from the flames.
Rocks on their heads 5455

Rocks on their heads

WHEN PRINCESS MADELEINE of Sweden married Chris O’Neill last month, royal watchers speculated about the dress and its designer. But nothing seemed to capture the interest of royal fans and fashion obsessives more than the question of which tiara she would wear.


THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that happened this week in Canadian politics was that Stephen Harper didn’t quit. For a while in the spring, it was fashionable to predict he might. Chantal Hébert called the Prime Minister’s resignation before Labour Day “less and less farfetched.”
What happens when a country lives in fear 67
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What happens when a country lives in fear

THERE’S NO DOUBT that the Florida jurors who cleared George Zimmerman of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin came to the correct decision last week. But sometimes there is a vast difference between justice and what is just.
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